HAJIME was founded in May of 2008 in Osaka
by Hajime Yoneda
with the theme of “A truly wonderful restaurant.”
The cuisine it serves is created
with the utmost attention to details,
delicately fine-tuned skills, a spirit of innovation,
and an uncompromising spirit of enquiry.

The worldview of HAJIME is the product
of the aesthetics of Hajime Yoneda,
and represents the beauty of order found
within the balance and harmony of nature,
the earth, and space.
One can also experience within his creations
a feeling of respect for nature and the earth,
the fleetingness of life,
and ultimately a sense of life itself.

His creations - embodying both the basis
and subsequent progress of gastronomy -
are timeless and moving,
lingering in the heart and mind.

Take a glimpse unto the world of HAJIME
and enjoy to the full.

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