HAJIME began in Higobashi, Osaka in 2008 -
    a place for Hajime Yoneda to express
    his aesthetics and worldview.
    Starting out as a group of novices
    who didn’t know left from right,
    the only thing that brought them
    through the whirlwind that continues
    to this day is their passion.
    “I just want to make something wonderful.”
    “I want to make the customers happy.”
    With these feelings at the core,
    a discerning taste for things
    that are “good” and “expression of reality”
    have brought them revision
    by revision into the present.

    It is the mission of HAJIME to use gastronomy
    to present world with new proposals,
    values, aesthetics, and inspiration,
    and to create works that will become assets
    to the coming era.
    There is no meaning in viewing the world
    as an opponent, copying something
    that someone somewhere has done before.
    That is why we strive to bring you a worldview,
    individuality, and communicability
    that you can’t find elsewhere.
    In order to present you with this,
    it is necessary for us to dig deep down
    and know what it is we truly want to convey.

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