Notification of reopen

    8. Staffs do all hygiene control and health care thoroughly. And, all equipments should be sanitized and sterilized always.

    9. The dish of “Chikyu”, this is normally shared with 2 persons but we will prepare this as one plate individually for a while.

    10. To prevent the infection, please kindly use credit card when you pay as much as possible.

    We open our restaurant according to these measures.

    All the things are the first time for us. We think that this might not be able to do only us but we also need our guest’s cooperation. If you have any questions or inquiries, please kindly ask us at anytime.

    And, I always think this. Foods are “hope”! Even if our lifestyle is changed, there is no change that foods give us hope. I would like to make hope and give it to many guests now more than ever in such a difficult time all over the world.To go towards the new world, I would like to make progress step by step again.

    Thank you so much for your kind attention to HAJIME always.

    Hajime Yoneda


    *We will contact guests who have already made a reservation individually.
    *We might change the measures according to the state of situation. Thank you.

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